Thursday, August 9, 2007

Business Cards

Have kids make a business card of subjects they are good at. They are then posted in the classroom in groups and students can ask others for help depending on the subject.


Didn't use:

Seasons info from Science of Energy Kit Station 3
Electricity/Circuit info from Science of Energy Kit Station 6
Conductors and Insulators from EnergyWorks Exploring Heat 5
Electroworks- use for magnets and electricity


do gps with decimals in math

Thesis/Boys Reading & Writing

Jon Scieszka- Guys Write for Guys Read

Boy Writers: Reclaiming their Voices- Ralph Fletcher

Energy Ideas/Scientific Method

  • As part of Mini-Society, have kids create an energy plan for Michigan/their business/our country.
  • Do scientific method unit at the beginning of the year with energy efficiency (comparing light bulbs, checking energy meters at their homes)
  • Compare fuel efficiencies of cars (get info from dealerships- field trip to dealership?)
  • Sit down with utility bills and use it for math- how much do things cost?
  • Project Based Learning for school with energy
  • Teach the connections between energy usage-fossil fuels-global warming
  • for loaner videos from DTE

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

for edld 509


#1: Form a gender gap school improvement committee (August-Sept.)
#2: Site-based research- needs assessment (Sept.-Oct.)
#3: Analysis of research (Oct.-Nov.)
#4: Plan training emphasis based on results (Nov.-Dec.)
#5: Professional Development Training (Jan.)
#6: Staff Implements Strategies (Jan.-ongoing)
#7: Needs assessment (April)
#8: Analyze data, determine additional strengths, weaknesses & opportunities for growth/development/improvement (May)
#9: Put together further training (May-summer)
#10: Professional development (sustained)

Children's Books

Home of the Brave (Japanese American internment)

When I Was Puerto Rican

The Very First Thanksgiving Day- R.G.Greene

Freedom School Yes (hidden curriculum)

The Ledgebook of Thomas Blue Eagle (Native American)

La Mariposa

When I Grow Up- Tina Louise

Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding

***The Name Jar***